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Most Worshipful George Mathews Supreme Grand Lodge

Illustrious Kenneth L. Hollowell, 33° - Supreme Grand Master

International Masons' Grand Masters

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contact the Grand Master in your State.

National District Grand Masters

Having the governing authority for all National District Grand Lodges and State Grand Lodges, the Most Worshipful George Mathews Supreme Grand Lodge (MWGMSGL) is providing a directory for all Grand Masters along with their contact information below.

National District: East Central

Grand Master: Illustrious Jason Swann, 33°

States: KY, MD, OH, PA, VA, and DC

P: 410-426-4766


National District: Eastern

Grand MasterIllustrious Edward Walker, 33°

States: CT, DE, MA, NJ, NY, and RI

P: 716-472-0449


National District: Gulf Coast

Grand Master: Brother Ted Green

States: AR, LA, MS, OK, and TX

P: 870-451-9982

National District: Midwest

Grand Master: Illustrious Dewitt McGowan, 33°

States: IL, IN, IA, MI, MO, WI, and MN

P: 248-867-6341


National District: Southeast

Grand Master: Illustrious Wayne Gillard, 33°

States: AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, and TN

P: 205-427-3279 | Visit Website


National District: Southwest

Grand Master: Brother Warren S. Payne, Jr.

States: AZ, CA, and NV

P: 925-565-6232

State Grand Masters

State: Alabama

Grand Master: Illustrious Michael Martin, 33°

Most Worshipful Brotherly Love Grand Lodge

P: 205-427-3279


State: Arizona

Grand Master: Brother Santos Rodriguez

Most Worshipful Golden Eagle  Grand Lodge

P: 602-751-1278


State: Arkansas

Grand Master: Brother Jerome Mitchell

Most Worshipful Alpha Grand Lodge

P: 501-541-4457


State: Bahamas

Grand Master: Illustrious Cedric Curry, 33°

Most Worshipful King Edward  Grand Lodge

p: 242-535-5662


State: California

Grand Master: Brother Jimmy Lee Hart

Most Worshipful St. John Grand Lodge

P: 925-565-6232


State: Connecticut

Grand Master: Brother Carlos Acosta

Most Worshipful Hiram Grand Lodge

P: 860-888-6147


State: Delaware

Grand Master: Illustrious Larry O. Ford, 33°

Most Worshipful Delaware Grand Lodge

P: 973-930-3566


State: District of Columbia

Grand Master: Brother Clifford Mark Thompson

Most Worshipful Hugo B Ings, Sr. Grand Lodge

P: 786-238-4432


State: Florida

Grand Master: Illustrious Robert L. Stevens, 33°

Most Worshipful Illustrious Renford P. Brown Grand Lodge

P: 813-245-3637


State: Georgia

Grand Master: Illustrous Demetrius Terry, 33°

Most Worshipful Jeff Long Grand Lodge

P: 678-613-6636


State: Illinois

Grand Master: Illustrious Henry Ollie, 33°

Most Worshipful William V. Banks Grand Lodge

P: 773-531-7123


State: Indiana

Grand Master: Brother Robert L. Eddie

Most Worshipful King Solomon Grand Lodge

P: 219-938-0875


State: Iowa

Grand Master: Brother Bernard Jordan

Most Worshipful Daniel Grand Lodge

P: 612-516-2793


State: Kentucky

Grand Master: Brother Richard Little

Most Worshipful King of Kings Grand Lodge

P: 502-774-2131


State: Louisiana

Grand Master: Brother Johnny Martin

Most Worshipful Louisiana Grand Lodge

P: 318-381-6414


State: Maryland

Grand Master: Brother Pilot Samuels

Most Worshipful King Douglas Grand Lodge

P: 443-829-0323


State: Massachusetts

Grand Master: Brother Derrick D. Peeples, Sr.

Most Worshipful Tall Cedar Grand Lodge

P: 617-947-7498

State: Michigan

Grand Master: Illustrious Lamont D. Brown, 33°

Most Worshipful Ralph Bunche Grand Lodge

P: 269-274-7046


State: Minnesota

Grand Master: Brother Troderick Holmes

Most Worshipful Minnesota Grand Lodge

P: 773-299-3480


State: Mississippi

Grand Master: Brother Robert Powell

Most Worshipful Joshua Grand Lodge

P: 601-248-4515


State: Missouri

Grand Master: Brother Maurice Mullen

Most Worshipful Sherman Grand Lodge

P: 636-281-6311


State: Nevada

Grand Master: Brother Clement Jones

Most Worshipful Rising Sun Grand Lodge

P: 775-379-5330


State: New Jersey

Grand Master: Illustrious Lloyd Banthall, 33°

Most Worshipful Job Grand Lodge

P: 973-819-5687


State: New York

Grand Master: Illustrious Avontha Sistrunck, 33°

Most Worshipful Rose of Sharon Grand Lodge

P: 347-865-4746


State: North Carolina

Grand Master: Illustrious Fitzgerald Marche, 33°

Most Worshipful Fitzgerald Temple Grand Lodge

P: 973-580-6726


State: Ohio

Grand Master: Brother Richard Ervin

Most Worshipful Buckeye Grand Lodge



State: Oklahoma

Grand Master: Brother Elliott Lyles

Most Worshipful Oklahoma Grand Lodge

P: 918-378-5090


State: Pennsylvania

Grand Master: Brother Leamon Lorick

Most Worshipful Abraham Grand Lodge

P: 267-407-8426


State: South Carolina

Grand Master: Illustrious John F. Dogan, 33°

Most Worshipful King Solomon Grand Lodge

P: 803-775-5485


State: Tennessee

Grand Master: Brother Myron Smith

Most Worshipful Moses Grand Lodge

P: 615-968-9543


State: Texas

Grand Master: Brother James Johnson

Most Worshipful Hiram Abiff  Grand Lodge

P: 817-793-7126


State: Virginia

Grand Master: Brother Robert Jackson

Most Worshipful King Solomon  Grand Lodge

P: 804-306-1821


State: Wisconsin

Grand Master: Illustrious Travis Spell, 33°

Most Worshipful Oran McShan Grand Lodge

P: 414-460-4779



CountryCameroon (African Union)

Grand Master: Brother Michael Aaron Feugueng

Most Worshipful African American Grand Lodge (Cameroon)

P: +237 96290060 (WhatsApp)


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